FootCush FootCush The #1 Anti-Fatigue Boaters Deck Mat
"We live in Florida and when we go out fishing it's usually for 5-8 hours (trolling). The FOOTCUSH deck mat decreases fatigue, lower back discomfort, and foot discomfort. We very much recommend this product."

Dr. Adrianne Weiss
Wellington, FL

Footcush has made cruising the islands a breeze. With over 221 charters last year, I love my Footcush and won't leave the dock without it. I not only stand behind this product, but I stand on it everyday.

Captain Woody!!
"After a long day of fishing in the back bays and flats, it can be awfully uncomfortable for your back, legs, ankles and feet, but now that I have FOOTCUSH it is a night and day difference. For comfort, it cannot be beat and I will never be without one on my boats again."

"Real Captains Don't Sit Down"

Standing on a hard deck with pounding waves, creates lower body stress on feet, knees and back. FOOTCUSH relieves lower body pains, absorbs shockwaves, and makes boating much more enjoyable.